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Chibs, who’s the great daddy-protector of Juice.
- Peter Weller (DVD commentary for episode 4x10 Hands)
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he’s beauty and he’s grace

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chibs in every episode
∟ 7.02 "toil and till"
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Nice driving.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s talk about the scene where Jax and Chibs go after that guy trying to escape and—

Flanagan: Oh, when I’m flying in the back of the truck doing all my own stunts, by the way. All my own stunts.

EW: That wasn’t all you.

Flanagan: (Laughs) Fifty-fifty, let’s say, and that’s just because I’m being kind to the stunt man. There’s actually so much more of me but…

EW: What part do you want to claim you did yourself? Hanging off the side of the truck?

Flanagan: That was me. I swear to God that was me. I managed to pull myself into that truck several times after being dragged along the road, stood up, and fired my gun and said, “Let’s get these whatever I said.” And I’m old! I told Hunnam after, “You give me all this s–t, you healthy f—er. I’m an old guy.”

EW: How old are you?

Flanagan: Seventy-eight, I think, at last count. I’m 49, actually.

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